Launchcast, ep 03


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Part three of three of the live call-in show that launched Down From Ten — this one plays almost like a Reprobates Hour episode on the history of the podcast novel. A change of pace from the previous episodes, and a very interesting one.

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6 Responses to “Launchcast, ep 03”

  1. Mary Laura says on :

    Hey Dan, where’s episode 15?
    I know you’re really busy, but my impatience is the price you pay when you put out such great work.
    Keep it coming!

  2. Mary Laura says on :

    I’m really curious as to the identity of the object on the top left of the ‘Down From Ten’ web page.
    Might it be the origin of the spookiness in the story?
    Or is it some random figure, put there to confuse us listeners? The person on the right of the page represents what seems fairly obvious by this stage of the story.
    Please enlighten me.

  3. admin says on :

    New Down From Ten this Sunday, Free Will Wednesday.

    As far as the title graphic, the thing on the left is a plaster body cast, like Carol was in at the beginning of the book. I gotta ask, who do you think the person on the left is meant to be? 🙂


  4. Mary Laura says on :

    Ah, I finally can make some sense of the image on the left!
    Once I could make out the breast, I saw the snake. I’m looking at this on my iPod Touch, so it all is quite small. I suppose that’s what threw me off to begin with.
    Which female character is into snakes, or the symbolism of temptation, seduction, forbidden knowledge, and maybe evil as well?
    Am I on the right track?

  5. Mary Laura says on :

    Is it Sarah, since she is the only woman so far to be ‘attacked’ by the nightmare phenomenon?

  6. Mary Laura says on :

    Is it Sarah, since she is the only woman so far to be ‘attacked’ by the nightmare phenomenon? Or is it Amos’ dream girl, Amy?
    I thought it could be the ghost of Carol’s grandmother, but she seems a fairly benign character, from what we know of her so far, though she may be more affected by the Native American history of the location, having lived there so long.
    All guesses; it’s driving me crazy!

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