Down From Ten is provoking a storm of commentary. Here are some choice excerpts:

Authors and Editors

Down From Ten is a brilliant, sometimes creepy take on a bohemian cozy with surreal underpinnings and an irrepressibly touching ending.” –Gail Carriger, New York Times Bestelling Author of The Parasol Protectorate series

“You need to listen to Down from Ten, the podcast novel that will cut you with its beauty.” –Philippa Ballantine, Award-winning author of Geist, Chasing the Bard, Digital Magic, and Weather Child

“A pure triumph.” –James Meltzer, author of Escape: A Zombie Chronicles Novel, forthcoming from Permuted Press

“…Dan’s full-cast productions are first rate, and the voice actors are all extremely talented and perfectly cast. This is a gripping character-driven mystery that’s definitely worth a listen.”-Gabrielle Harbowy, associate publisher, Dragon Moon Press

“A triumph: the most challenging, beautiful podcast novel to date. Bravo.” -Chris Lester, head writer of the Metamor City podcast

“Captivating and wonderful…Sawyer has proven himself as the best suspense hand in the business.” -P.C. Haring, author of Cybrosis


“J. Daniel Sawyer must be a roller-coaster operator in his spare time….the only podcast that’s made me want to re-listen immediately.” –Scott Roche

“Dan Sawyer is a fabulous writer!” -Miss Kalendar, host of Brass Needles

“…left me speechless. Bravo!” -Dan Schaurette, host of Out Of The Coffin

“…left me speechless.” -Morgan Elektra of Dread Central

Audience Members

“Simply stunning. Hands-down the best complete podiobook I’ve listened to.” -Jarret Kohler

“Sublime. Sawyer has a voice that captures the best and worst of humanity and makes you love both.” -Yoshorok

“J.D. Sawyer continues to make what I would consider “rookie” mistakes, only to reveal them to be intentional, self-conscious, and done for good reasons. He continues to surprise and impress me.” -Sidfaiwu

“Kudos to Dan Sawyer for his ending of Down From Ten. Endings like this should not be tried at home. Please leave them to the experts.” -Mainframe

“Sweet, beautiful, and opens the world up leaving you wanting more.” -Mildred Cady

“Wonderful.” -Stephen Nelson

“Amazing.” -The Gr8Merlin

“J. Daniel Sawyer, you are a damn dirty bastard. Well done!” -Mark Smith

“Definitely a book I will re-listen to time and time again. Sure’n I’ll find new stuff each time.” -beanchef

“Every chapter is more awesome than the one before.” -tdog4494

“…A work of frakking genius…Down From Ten, a country house mystery from the genius behind The Antithesis Progression, doesn’t disappoint. Damn fine work.” -Quonundrum


“Fabulous story.” -Reorex

“Powerful stuff!” -JD Harper

“Damn you, Dan Sawyer, you made me weep on my commute.” -dodgyhoodoo

“DF10 was AWESOME! Awesome writing! Awesome performance! Awesome music! Awesome production!” -PaulAdamsJr

“This is how podcasting should be done.” -Matthew Rice

“…mind blowing.” -Sharah Blankenship

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