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Down From Ten, ep 9


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Finally back on the air after a number of major tech problems which I’ll detail next week.

And now, Episode 9, Jeremiah has a secret, in which Sarah makes a discovery, and Amos gets an irresistable urge.
Bumper by Wander Wolf of WNDR Radio. Story So Far by Abbie Hilton of The Prophet of Panamindorah Podcast.

Episode 10 coming this weekend.

Down From Ten, ep 5


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And now, Episode 5, in which Jeremiah finds his place, Edelle makes breakfast, Gerd and Sarah make music, Kevin fails his dress code exam, and the snows begin in earnest. Bumper by uberfan Mildred Cady. Story So Far by Chris Lester, who plays Jeremiah and is master of his own universe of .

Episode 6 coming tomorrow.

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