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If you but count Down From Ten…


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This is the official page of Down From Ten, a country house mystery by J. Daniel Sawyer. This project started life as a miniseries written on commission from the now-defunct Pixelated Fog Productions in Newfoundland. Originally part of a financing grant, the rights reverted to me when the deal fell apart and the nascent company was forced to fold.

The story itself grew out of a treatment I wrote a couple years back, which PFP picked out of a group I offered them. Their directions were : Make it controversial. So I did. The book is a mix of Agatha Christie, Gabriel Garcia Marquez, E.A. Poe, Salman Rushdie, and Robert A. Heinlein. It is a story solidly oriented towards adults, and will not be suitable for children in any fashion.

Although I would still love to make this project into a film, I realized that it would be a fairly quick task to adapt a 6 hour miniseries to a book for podcasting, to fill the summer between books one and two of The Antithesis Progression. Adapting it turned out to be more difficult than I thought – nonetheless, I’m currently on schedule to start release Memorial Day Weekend. Like my previous podio endeavors, this production will feature a full cast performance, original music, and soundscaping.

I am currently still seeking actors for several roles, listed as “Auditions Open” on the “Dramatis Personae” page of this website. If you are interested in reading for a role, please drop me an email: dan at

-J. Daniel Sawyer

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